We are judged, defined, and characterized by what we wear. In fact, for some of us, what we wear helps us identify ourselves.

Since standing out from the crowd, making a mark, giving a good impression are all important for us, you’ll see the answers in the burgeoning size of the fashion and accessories Industry.

India accounts for over 14% of the apparel industry and has the largest capacity for looms (including hand looms) to up to 63%. The domestic textile industry in India is expected to reach about US 121 billion by 2021.

Thanks to the rising income levels in India and the ever-increasing need for fashion all over the world, the amount of money spend on fashion and accessories is mind-boggling. According to Statisticsbrain.com, the amount of money spent on fashion is a cool $250,000,000,000 each year in the US. The global fashion industry revenue is a whopping $ 1,200,000,000,000.

Picture that?

I am Arpitha and my job as a fashion designer is to bridge the supply and demand for global fashion design needs.

I am a fashion designer with a keen eye for detail, feelers for trends, and the passion to make concepts a reality.

My fashion design services range from conceptualization, planning, execution and consulting. See what I do here and read through my fashion design services in detail. You can also see my work as a Freelance Fashion Designer where my work includes fashion design for brands like Levis, Banana Republic, J-Jill, Raw Clothing, Urvi and more.

I work with fashion brands — both domestic and International — to help brands retain their unique identity, styles, and character.