Pantone Color Of The Year 2017 | Arpitharai

Pantone released its color of the year 2017. It is called Greenery 15-0343.
Pantone releases a color report every year. They forecast colors in global point of view. According to them, Greenery is the color of the year. Pantone color guide has become part of my life starting from the college days while studying fashion. Everyone follows Pantone color guide for communicating a color with one reference number even when you are in different part of the world.
Greenery is a refreshing shade which symbolizes new beginnings. This color makes me reconnect with nature. It takes me away from the busy modern life. It is rejuvenating and represents personal passion.
Now that we know the color of the year, today I will show you the color palettes given by Pantone which can be used for fashion, beauty, products and graphic design. Pantone suggests 10 color palettes which include greenery in them.

Those are the 10 palettes. You can see the greenery paired with bright shades, neutrals, metallics, deep shades, and pastels. I personally like the “Rev it up” palette. I feel it has the combination of bright and neutral shades which will give a chance to experiment with the combinations.

What is your favorite palette? write it in the comments below. Great! Now let’s look at some of the outfit ideas.
Stripes and florals are in the trend for spring summer 2017. I make trend videos only 2 times a year. Make sure you watch them. Coming back, add the green in the form of a long jacket, a skirt, vest, or a dress. Team them with your favorite bags, belts, and footwear.
Try to pair the green with fuchsia, metallic colors, yellow and nude shades.
You can even wear some green footwear, carry a green bag. How about the green pair of glasses? I would try those glasses.
Greenery Makeup and Hair
When it comes to makeup and hair, try green eyeliner, eye shadow, green lips and nail art. If you like bright new colors on your hair, try green this time. I am not a makeup kind of person. So these are not for me. I never colored my hair, green hair is not me at all. I can’t maintain the perfect nail art. Nope, not me again!
I will try to add some green to my outfits like a scarf, socks, and sneakers. How are you going to use the color Greenery? Let me know in the comments below.